Based on a true story

My name is Christina Wahldén. I have been working as a journalist for 25 years at a Swedish morning newspaper called Svenska Dagbladet. My first book Kort kjol (in German: Kurzer Rock) was published in 1998. Since 2013 I am a full time author.

Most of my books are for young adults. I also write books in easy read Swedish for people with reading difficulties.

I have studied journalism at the University of Gothenburg and I have a Bachelor of Arts from Stockholm University in Theatre history and Art history. In 1993 I studied at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia: dramaturgy, puppetry, Asian theatre, Shakespeare and directing.

At Svenska Dagbladet, I worked as a crime reporter for ten years. That´s why many of my books deal with different crimes: sexual violence, honour-related crimes and threats on the internet. I have written quite a lot about violence against women and children. I am more interested in the victim than in the perpetrator.

I have also written a novel for adults about Daniel Solander, one of Carl von Linnaeus’ disciples, three crime novels and a fact book on sexual violence in armed conflicts. The fact book was written on behalf of the Swedish Red Cross.

Apart from Sweden some of my books are set in the DRC, Kenya, Afghanistan, Lebanon, India, Australia and Indonesia. They are all countries I have visited.

Some of my books are translated into Danish, Finnish and German. For more information, please contact my agents at Hedlund Literary Agency (crime novels) and Koja Agency (children’s books).

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